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2021 Class Workshop Description:

Taking a bit more time to focus on 3 styles of drawing-illustration/rendering,
contour line and figure drawing.
March 20, 2021
9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

*Drawing Basics must be taken before Intermediate

This one-day workshop on drawing will continue your development. With Drawing Basics as a prerequisite, this will allow a bit more time in certain areas that were touched upon earlier - illustration/rendering, contour line and figure drawing. The Workshop will be divided up into 3 time sections giving you more time to focus on the 3 directions that are so important to drawing. Taking more time and getting a bit more detailed in eggs, apples or flowers will help you to develop your eye and your composition. Then loosen up and investigate contour line drawing a bit more in depth. And finally, take some time on a figure or figures and start to understand why figure study is such an important part of the ongoing process of drawing. The goal of this workshop is to give you 3 more finished drawings in the day.

This course will continue to develop your drawing skills and of course will help you with your paintings. The balance of the 3 styles, tight, loose and something in between will help you start to get a feel for your future direction/options.

The entire class is done with pencil in your notebook/sketchbook or on larger individual sheets of paper or illustration board. Lots of presentation, demo and workbook-type exercises to help you understand and comprehend these basics. A great class by itself to feel better about drawing or great to go with Douglas’ landscape/seascape and floral/still life class/workshops.

Lunch: Brown bag.

Supply list:
#2 pencil, or a variety of pencils
pencil sharpener



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